IDLIKE ability to systems integration is resulting from decades of experience in process and data management applied to public sectors and private companies.
Amedeo Borin (IDLIKE Founder & CEO)
Business Process Management
Our Offer
  • Security Governance, Corporate integrated Solution
    for Listening and Monitoring enterprise data and social data both inside and outside the company

  • Service Logistics, Service Order Execution
    order entry and management of complex service orders.
  • Monitoring solutions
    for procurement and Supply Chain Management in Apparel Industry
  • Traceability System
    in Food industry
  • Dynamic Budgeting
Business Intelligence
Our Offer
  • Performance Indicators
  • Survey Software 
    Creation, deployment, reporting & analysis Best Strategy
  • Design & Development
  • Vendor Rating 
    Measure of how good is a supplier based on data integration (structured, unstructured and social data)
  • Location Intelligence
    Corporate integrated solution
  • Insurance Risk Management
Social Business Management
Our Offer
  • Social CRM
    Corporate integrated solution to unify Social Data with CRM data
  • Customer Portfolio Analysis
    with Social Analysis Integration for Banking Industry
  • Reputation Management
    Corporate integrated solution
    for monitoring the reputation of a brand resulting from
    social evaluation and corporate information based on a set of criteria
  • Knowledge e Content Management for Public
    and Private Companies

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